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Modi ji a Political leader or a saint?

ॐ नमः शिवाय I always used to wonder, who is Modi ji, he is really a common politician who show himself as great patriot to get votes.

We Indians always get this assumption because the media and most Social media users tries to portray such image.

But I try to find out truth on my own way, I do research and observation as much as possible and in Modi ji's case its very simple I try to observe him from his speeches, it is very easy to judge a person if he is celebrity just observe consciously his speeches you can start finding out real personality of the person.

You dont need to observe the speech, because it may be written by some good writer, it is required to see whole perspective, is he/she using notes to speak, referring or thoroughly reading, does he/she see in the eyes of audience and if yes then how often. His way of standing and hands how he puts on desk or raises in air, some shivers as well, and face expression.

When I see Modi ji, he stands in confidence, there is an au…
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दीवाना आदमी को बनाती हैं रोटियाँ
खुद नाचती हैं सबको नचाती हैं रोटियाँ
बूढ़ा चलाए ठेले को फाकों से झूल के
बच्चा उठाए बोझ खिलौनों को भूल के
देखा न जाए जो सो दिखाती हैं रोटियाँ
बैठी है जो चेहरे पे मल के जिगर का ख़ूँ
दुनिया बुरा कहे इन्हें पर मैं तो ये कहूँ
कोठे पे बैठ ओ कोठे पे बैठ आँख लड़ाती हैं रोटियाँ
कहता था इक फ़क़ीर कि रखना ज़रा नज़र
रोटी को आदमी ही नहीं खाते बेख़बर
अक्सर तो आदमी को खाती हैं रोटियाँ
तुझको पते की बात बताऊँ मैं जान-ए-मन
क्यूँ चाँद पर पहुँचने की इन्सां को है लगन
इन्सां को चाँद में नज़र आती हैं रोटियाँ
दीवाना आदमी को बनाती हैं रोटियाँ
खुद नाचती हैं सबको नचाती हैं रोटियाँ
-------copied from somewhere

Open your mind and See the Unseen

When we were children, our parents used to stop us for so many things, dont do this, dont do that (Idhar mat jao, kisi ajnabi se baat mat karo) etc etc and we used to follow, and we should, as this is the only way to grow us safely and lead to good human being and we do the same with our children. For example my parents used warn me not to talk to strangers or take anything to eat from any stranger, and I followed till a certain age, there is nothing wrong in it, our parents wants us to be safe. But when I grew up I came to know that talking to everyone helps to broaden our vision, and my father also started telling me to talk to people, exchange thoughts with them, and this is what we do whenever we travel in train or flight for a long journey we used to talk to passengers for passtime and exchange thoughts, and we learn a lot from such activities. But sometimes what happen people dont grow up they dont change their mindset and keep each and every instruction of their parents for whole …

सत्य क्या है

सत्य क्या है-

मेरी समझ में जो ब्रह्म सत्य है वही सत्य है, बाकि जिसे हम सत्य मानते हैं वो विचार है या मन की स्थिति है जो जगह और परिस्थितयों के साथ बदल जाता है, और जो बदल जाये वोह सत्य कैसा.

हम जिसे भी सत्य मानते है वो तीन मापदंडो के भरोसे पर टिका होता है:

१. समय
२. जगह
३. प्रसंग

जैसे इस वक्त भारत में सुबह का समय है यह भारत का सत्य है लेकिन ठीक उसी समय अमेरिका में रात है यह वहां का सत्य है!

रावन एक दुराचारी था और एक लम्बे अरसे तक रावन को गलत ही मन जाता रहा, लेकिन आजकल व्हात्सप्प पर रक्षाबंधन के समय एक मेसेज पड़ने को मिला जिसमे एक बहिन कहती है की मुझे रावन जैसा भाई चाहिए जो अपनी बहिन सुपर्न्खा का बदला लेने के लिए अपने पूरे कुल नष्ट कर देता है!
आज समय और परिस्थितियों के बदलते ही हमारा नज़रिया बदल गया और ये सत्य मिट गया की रावन बुरा था

यही हर सत्य की सीमा है, वो एक समय के बाद अपनी गरिमा खो देता है, इसलिए कोई भी वाकया, वक्तव्य या विचार पूर्ण सत्य नहीं कहा जा सकता क्यूंकि वो इस नश्वर संसार में ही पैदा हुआ है और प्रकृति का नियम है  जो पैदा होगा वो मरेगा भी, चाहए वो जीवात्मा हो या कोई विचार.


Marriage success Mantra

First of all, Marriage should not be called as an Institution, this is the biggest reason behind failing of marriages in India, In western countries reason of divorces is different than Asia specially India including Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh because we all share same history and genetic bindings.
Once we call it Institution we convert a very good relation in a business, because Institutions are what we generally know is Company, School or University where we put our best to get the best, such as, in an interview, we enter with best clothes we have and show our best attitude and nature, even while when interviewer ask about our negative point, we answer in such a way that it shows our best positive attitude and adds and extra mark in interviewers list. While in case of marriage this attitude should not be the case because, When we give interview, we only think about salary and best working environment and we always have a second thought in mind that if this company doesn’t suit…

Gaurav is an Energy

A dialogue from movie 404, says -- Gaurav (A dead boy is an energy).

I m truly agreed with the thought and now can counterpart Einstein's theory about Ghosts that, which states that - Ghosts are 4 dimensional objects, I accepted it with great respect to the Genius but I never been able to absorb the 4th dimension actually.

I don't criticize the Genius but I believe that this explanation is much better than the Genius's explanation.

I truly agree that Ghosts could be a form of Energy which satisfies lot of conditions and queries about ghosts.

Ghosts are form of energy and they gets converted into another form, after death, which is basic principal of Energies i.e Energy can never be created nor be destroyed it can only be transformed from one form to another.

That is why we are not able to see them because energy can be seen but we can feel it, but if they like to communicate with us, then we can see the effective result not them.

A good example is electrical energy, you c…